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Animals Wearing Hoodies

Previously: Animals Wearing Dinosaur Costumes

Kermit and marbles in the second pic. :)

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Yea, Jericho invented that


Yea, Jericho invented that

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Always awesome

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Legend of Zelda, Song of Storms, violin rendition, Taylor Davis

Always a fan of Violins + Zelda

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couldnt help myself

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See on Scoop.it - ICTmagic

A wonderful resource which for educators to present lesson slides and resources to a class on their own Apple/Android devices. The teacher can set the pace and chooses when the slides move on. This tool allows you to show images, text and set tests/quizzes in real time and collects the data.

See on ictmagic.sharedby.co

I highly recommend this. I found it on a top apps site about a week ago and it has great potential in education and training

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My (links-princess) Zelda giveaway! =^_^=
To celebrate the release of A Link Between Worlds, I will be giving away:
Collector’s Edition of A Link Between Worlds, including a treasure chest, giant poster and download code for Link’s Awakening
Box set of all the Zelda manga books
Plus 8 double-sided Zelda posters in various sizes :)

To win, simply reblog this post as many times as you want (1 reblog = 1 entry)
You do not have to be following me to enter, however if you are following you will win an additional prize. Please don’t follow if you are just going to unfollow after the giveaway =^_^=

The giveaway closes Sunday 10th November at 11:59pm GMT London, and the winner will be contacted the following day :) Good Luck :D

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For November tomorrow It will begin

For November tomorrow It will begin

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This is one of the most impressive things Iv ever seen

This is one of the most impressive things Iv ever seen

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who’da thought pokemon in hoodies would be so cute.

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