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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because its importance cannot be overstated. It is more important for children to be able to hear the difference in the SOUNDS letters make (auditory discrimination) than for them to know the NAMES of letters.

As a matter of fact, I’ll take it one step further to say that it is not important for them to know the letter names at all.

Children can learn to read (fluently!) without knowing ANY letter names!

Here, these children are sorting pictures by beginning letter sound. These consonant sounds (“ssssssss, fffffff, lllllllllllll, mmmmmmm”) are often taught first because they (the sound) can be drawn out and are more easily distinguished from each other. As always, if the children do not know what sound each letter makes, I will tell them. (This means they are still using their auditory discrimination skills, even if they do not recognize the letters.) 

We’ve been working on the “sssssss” sound since the beginning of the year, but notice we’re STILL working on it.  We’ve simply added to it. This is because the “ssssssss” sound is STILL important, there is no sense in learning and forgetting. It’s also important that each child experiences success. Some of the children may not remember what sound our newest letter “Ll” makes, but while they are being challenged, they still can experience success. 

Notice we use lowercase letters (we used uppercase and lowercase with “Ll”) for our activities. Often, children will be taught uppercase letters first, but it’s more important to be able to recognize lowercase for reading because the VAST MAJORITY of letters used are lowercase. If you don’t believe me, just re-read this article (or any article!) and count how many uppercase vs. how many lowercase letters are used.

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Daily Humor Here!

When people are so good at something they become jerks


Daily Humor Here!

When people are so good at something they become jerks

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If other planets were at the same distance as our moon

Daily Humor Here!

This is so cool

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This is what learning looks like. It’s messy (look at the first picture!) and it’s beautiful, too!

When children are given time to create with these materials, it’s amazing what happens - and the different levels of difficulty we can see!

One young lady spent her time sorting by color as she built with cuisenaire rods. Another one took a lot of time to build something with each side exactly the same.

Teachers: What would you say to your students when you see these?

When you say “That’s beautiful!” Or “I love it!” You are giving a VALUE judgement to this work - and you’re not even REALLY telling the child that you SEE what they did!

So then, what DO you say? Well, you have a few options.

Academic Coaching: Say exactly what you see.
“That’s neat how you sorted all of the colors!”
“I can see you chose to use yellow, blue, red and green rods.”
“Wow! The way you placed the green rods makes them REALLY long!”
“I see the yellow rods are shorter than te blue rods.”
“Your structure is symmetrical! It’s exactly the same on both sides!”

If you begin practicing “Academic Coaching” every day, it will become second nature and you won’t even have to think about it. By using this technique we are helping BUILD the thought process of our preschool students.

Another approach -
Persistence Coaching:
This is used to encourage children to focus, be patient, concentrate and all of those other “inner strength things” that don’t come naturally.

Examples of Persistence Coaching:
“You are really taking your time to place each rod exactly where you want it.”
“I can see you are working very hard at…..”
“I can tell you are being very persistent because every time that block/rod falls down, you are taking the time to put it back.”
“You must be concentrating really hard to keep all of the background noise from distracting you.”
“You are working really hard to keep your body calm.”
“I know you’re excited, but I like how you’re trying really hard to use your indoor voice.”

Persistence Coaching is SO important! As you can see, it’s not the outcome that is valued, but the hard work put into it, and who doesn’t value hard work?

Persistence Coaching is unnatural at first and takes a lot of practice - if you’d like to practice, you can come practice on me!

Like the feedback ideas

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the original pokemon

done monsterhunter style :D

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Lego Captain America 2 (by forrestfire101)

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Legal system is so messed yp

Legal system is so messed yp

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Sunday nights I lie awake—
as all teachers do—
and wait for sleep to come
like the last student in my class to arrive.
My grading is done, my lesson plans are in order,
and still sleep wanders the hallways like Lower School music.
I’m a teacher. This is what I do.

Like a builder builds, or a sculptor sculpts,
a preacher preaches, and a teacher teaches.
This is what we do.
We are experts in the art of explanation:
I know the difference between questions
to answer and questions to ask.

That’s an excellent question.
What do you think?

If two boys are fighting, I break it up.
But if two girls are fighting, I wait until it’s over and then drag what’s left to the nurse’s office.
I’m not your mother, or your father,
or your jailer, or your torturer,
or your biggest fan in the whole wide world
even if sometimes I am all of these things.
I know you can do these things I make you do.
That’s why I make you do them.
I’m a teacher. This is what I do.

Once in a restaurant, when the waiter asked me
if I wanted anything else, and I said,
"No, thank you, just the check, please,"
and he said, “How about a look at the dessert menu?”
I knew I had become a teacher when I said,
"What did I just say?
Please don’t make me repeat myself!”

In the quiet hours of the dawn
I write assignment sheets and print them
without spell checking them. Because I’m a teacher,
and teachers don’t make spelling mistakes.
So yes, as a matter of fact, the new dress cod
will apply to all members of the 5th, 6th, and 78th grades;
and if you need an extension on your 55-paragraph essays
examining The Pubic Wars from an hysterical perspective
you may have only until January 331st.
I trust that won’t be a problem for anyone?

I like to lecture on love and speak on responsibility.
I hold forth on humility, compassion, eloquence, and honesty.
And when my students ask,
“Are we going to be responsible for this?”
I say, If not you, then who?
You think my generation will be responsible?
We’re the ones who got you into this mess, now you are our only hope.
And when they say, “What we meant to say
was, ‘Will we be tested on this?’”
I say, Every single day of your lives!

Once, I put a pencil on the desk of a student
who was digging in her backpack for a pencil.
But she didn’t see me do it, so when I walked
to the other side of the room and she raised her hand
and asked if she could borrow a pencil,
[I intoned, In the name of Socrates and Jesus,
and all the gods of teaching,]-replaced by odd noises
I declare you already possess everything you will ever need!
[Shazzam!]-replaced by odd noises
“You are the weirdest teacher I have ever—”
Then she saw the pencil on her desk and screamed.
“You’re a miracle worker! How did you do that?”

I just gave you what I knew you needed
before you had to ask for it.
Education is the miracle, I’m just the worker.
But I’m a teacher.
And that’s what we do.

Jetstopia turned 2 today!

Jetstopia turned 2 today!

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Animals Wearing Hoodies

Previously: Animals Wearing Dinosaur Costumes

Kermit and marbles in the second pic. :)